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Nike Air Max Series Of Narration, Which Can Run And Handsome


Today, I'd like to present you with the development of Nike Air Max, which is the best product line in the style of retro Hip hop.


Since 2014, March 26 has been given a unique meaning. For Nike's loyal fans, the date is like a carnival. It is Air Max Day. When the trend and wind are back to the ancient movement, the sports technology which is older than me returns to the public's view once again.

Air Max -- the most influential and experienced Air cushion technology in the history of sports science and technology. It's been 31 years since the first Air Max came out in 1987, and Marion Frank Rudy is a must-have. Marion was not only an independent inventor signed by Nike, he was a NASA aerospace engineer. He created today's Nike Air technology by using high-pressure gases, gold and high-density PU capsules, and compressed Air.


Here's a look at some of the biggest names known for Air Max in chronological order


Nike Air Max 1:


The first pair of Nike Air Max 1 came out in 1987, and the production of simple, visible Air cushion and maximum shock absorption laid the foundation for the patriarch of the Air Max series. Used in Air Max 1 before the first generation of Air Max technology, all carrying Air technology shoe money is the Air cushion set inside the shoe, and in the Air Max 1 before launch, Air cushion is becoming more and more thin, more and more small, but it doesn't take maximum advantage of this technique, so the Air Max infuse more Air technology to implement on a cushion of Air and provide the wearer with stronger cushioning performance. Line is soft, match colors more for the feeling of pure and fresh.

Nike Air Max Zero:


What few people know is that these shoes are really the start of the Air Max. Zero is the first generation before the first generation. It is the predecessor of AirMax 1, and is the first pair of design concept with visible AirMax. However, due to the advanced design concept and technology requirements beyond the then, this pair of AirMax Zero was not really released in that year.


Nike Air Max 90:


The Air Max technology adopted by Air Max 90 is the same as the form of Air Max 1. The difference is that Air Max 90 can provide enough bearing space for the larger Air Max and can be injected with more Air, so that the shoes have stronger cushioning performance.


Nike Air Max 180:


In 1991, Nike unveiled its first 180-degree visual cushioning shoe, the Air Max 180. The shoes are popular because they expand Air Sole space while minimizing the use of foaming material.


Nike Air Max 95:


The AirMax 93 came into being with the people's pursuit of completely free of foaming material running shoes, realizing the first successful application of blow molding. In 1995, Air Max 95 was born with two separate blow molding Air Sole units, and the Air pad on the forefoot was visualized. For the past 22 years, the Air Max 95 culture is not to be underestimated.

Personally, I think the Air Max series takes off from this model with a retro and street sense. If I remember correctly, this is Rap God eminem's favorite Air Max model. Due to its numerous color blocks, color matching often occurs, causing the price to soar. I'm going to give you my 95 and I'm going to show you that the feeling of the foot is NB.


Nike Air Max 97:


After Air Max 95 used both before and after Air Max technology, Nike connected two separate Air Max units, bringing the all-in-one Air Max 97 to the world. This pair of Air Max born in 1997 just passed its 20th anniversary last year. Last year, in the beginning of the article, Air Max Day, Air Max 97 threw out the "silver bullet" at the very moment, and after that, it had a high fever with UNDEFEATED.

Nike Air Max 98:


In addition to performance, people also began to pay attention to the appearance of shoes. The appearance of NikeAir Max 98 became the new focus of the sneaker circle in that year, with the strong feeling of the shoe body and the classic full-handed window Air cushion, making these two Air Max family members have their own personality, and meanwhile, they also have excellent matching effect.



With the arrival of the ancient style in recent years, Air Max has once again come to the forefront of fashion with its retro appearance. Thirty years' journey to today is the end of its soul return, but it is also a new starting point for it. Just like the well-known Vapor in the shoe loop and the latest 270 are also very good shoes, I wonder if there is one that hits your heart?

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