The "Deviator" Of Traditional Running Shoes - The Historical Development Of Nike Air Max 95

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The "Deviator" Of Traditional Running Shoes - The Historical Development Of Nike Air Max 95


To commemorate and celebrate the twentieth anniversary of the Air Max 95, Nike introduced two new Nike Air Max 95 models: the Nike Air Max 95 Ultra Jacquard and the women's Nike Air Max 95 Ultra. Rozano's Air Max 95 is a concentrated expression of the word "different." The unprecedented dual Air-Sole setting, bold silhouette design, and black midsole make the Nike Air Max 95 a "heterogeneous" in the Nike Air Max series, and become a "deviant" of traditional running shoes. No previous Nike shoe has such a structure, color scheme, and unexpected forefoot visible air cushion design. At the same time, Air Max 95 has almost no branding and uses the new Air Max font. Just like the Nike Air Max 1 and the Nike Air Max 90, the iconic color scheme further highlights the NikeAir-Sole, and this time it is fully revealed from the inside out.


Nike Air Max 95 designer Rozano changed the genes of Nike running products, inspired the imagination of a new generation of designers, and opened the "front window" of air cushions in the forefoot position, and set off a global popularity. upsurge. Whether it is the streets of New York, London or Tokyo, young people of the new era are rushing to wear this futuristic running shoes on their feet. Regardless of the time shift, the Air Max 95 is always at the forefront of fashion.

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2015 is the 28th year of the birth of the Air Max family. The Air Max family has been passed down from generation to generation and still has a strong vitality. As Air Max 1 first entered the historical arena, the series gradually evolved into its own distinctive personality after several generations of changes. Each generation of shoes in this series is deeply imprinted in the hearts of consumers. Although some of them have already withdrawn from the stage of history, people still can't forget their bold color usage, passionate design and the evolution of visual air cushion. Play an important role. One of the Air Max logo shoes was the Nike Air Max 95, first introduced in 1995. It is not just a pair of shoes, it is also a "heterogeneous".


Tracing back to the source, the original design of Air Max 95 was inspired by the designer Sergio Lozano. Before he was recruited into the Air Max project, Rozano's inspiration was expressed in the sights of Beaverton. “I swept over the lake and looked at the woods, and began to imagine the process of rain melting the soil. I thought in my heart, if the perfect product can be excavated with the erosion of the soil, isn’t that interesting?” Rozzano recalls Road. He quickly drew a sketch of the shoe, the stripes on the shoe were very similar to those seen on the walls of the Grand Canyon, and he then stuffed the sketch into his creative guise. In order to re-energize the Air Max family, Rozano's sketches on that rainy day were taken to the spotlight. Rozano and his team took this sketch as a blueprint and began to introduce the forefoot visual air cushion, focusing on designing the best air cushion air cushion to add more protection to runners. After feeling the commonality between body structure and product design, the body's ribs, vertebrae, muscles and skin have become his main source of creativity. The prototype of the first Air Max 95 was born.

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The surge of air cushions is typical of the contour design of the shoe, and the inspiration comes from the human body. The midsole design is based on the spine structure of the human body and is the core of the overall design. Nylon holes represent the ribs, while layered panels and meshes symbolize muscle fibers and body tissue.


The design of the Air Max 95 is so special that some people question its potential. This bold design didn't include Nike's Swoosh logo at first. In addition, the shoe also includes Nike's other two pioneers: the visible air cushion of the forefoot and the black outsole, which have caused concern. When asked about the NikeSwoosh logo, which is not visible on Air Max 95 shoes, Rozzano said, “We see Nike as a brand that can be recognized by people, so this design should also exist independently. Then why do we still Need this logo? We already have a visual air cushion design, and for the first time injected a visual air cushion in the forefoot. But in the design, it is also a problem to put the logo. The design of the shoes does not allow us to put the logo In the traditional position, because this will affect other important characteristics of the shoes. Finally, the Swoosh logo is placed in the back position of the shoes, we use the Swoosh logo as a punctuation mark.

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In addition, the Air Max 95 improves the upper from a deeper base and even helps keep the upper clean during off-road runs. Rozano originally planned to make the color of the shoes as useful as the shoes themselves. "In Oregon, people run when they are raining, and they run on small roads. When they finish the first five miles, their shoes. It's usually very dirty, and I want to try to cover up these stains." When he decided to use gray as one of the main colors, his all-time confidence once again burst. "I heard that grey shoes can't be sold at all, so I see this as a challenge." Black and dark gray are the basic colors of the shoes, because it is the easiest to accumulate dirt, and the upward is a fading light color. The Air Max 95's signature fluorescent yellow is a tribute to Nike's traditional racing gear, Nike's track spikes and off-road flats.

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